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Labour Only Moves

Are you on a budget? Hiring a full-service moving company is not for everyone. And if you’re one of those people we have a service just for you!

You rent the Truck. Book the “Humble” move. We send our Best Movers to you. Fast and Easy.

Book Your "Humble" Move

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2-Movers service

3-Movers service


$250 (requires more space!)
5-Movers service

All jobs are a 2-hour minimum pay. Each service comes with a dolly and 4 wheels to help!

Extra services that can be added when you book the move:

Additional Pricing

Dismantle-assemble any beds 30$
Using Drills and tools etc. 30$
Using wrapping material 25$
Use or Rent our Blanket (10 pieces) 25$
Take any tv less than 60" 30$
Dismount any tv more than 65" 50$
Cover for moving the bed 30$
Disconnect washer and dryer 100$
Same-Day Service additional fee 20%

Affordable Professional Movers

Need help booking? Call Now!  7139419959

Jobs have to be booked at least 24 hours before moving.

20% added price if you need same-day service.

After 3 hours, movers will include a 30 minute break only valid for 6 hours ‘max’ after that we will charge a regular price.

Change any address or time 3 days before booking can affect the price.

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